Laser Dance Germany

Laser Dance Germany

Laser Dance Germany

For a really immersive laser beam show that will wow audiences, choose Laser Dance Germany.
Our skilled dancing laser artist manipulates light beams in a three-dimensional play of coloured light and laser beams while dancing to upbeat music for an absolutely beautiful laser performance.
Our dancing laser artist creates a breathtaking show as he bends, cuts, and fans laser beams with his hands as the stage is bathed in columns of light.

Our laser show artist performs a powerful performance as he rises from the darkness with the drama of a total blackout. He produces a genuinely wonderful illusion of 3D shapes that ignite with an intense brilliance on stage with a forceful yet graceful ease.
This amazing futuristic laser show would be perfect for any high-tech event or brand that wants to dazzle viewers with an electrifying fusion of technology, light, and dancing.

Request custom choreography from our experienced laser show performer to communicate your company's story, introduce a brand-new product, or excite attendees at a sizable conference. Our Laser Dance Germany is perfect for any corporate event since he can add brand colours to his laser beam act and costume.
Our skilled dancing laser artist, who has training in classical ballet, jazz, and modern dance, will take guests on a voyage through innovation with this cutting-edge laser entertainment.

This impressive laser beam performance is sure to dazzle. It has performed at gala events, trade exhibitions, product launches, and more for companies like L'Oreal, Adidas, Porsche, German Opera Berlin, Nike, and GDS Düsseldorf, among others.

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