African Drummers and Dancers in Dubai

African Drummers and Dancers in Dubai




Our vibrant teams of African drummers and dancers acts will guarantee an unforgettable show at your event, be it a corporate or private event, team building workshop or a small gathering of closest once. Suitable for big events like festivals, parades, grand openings, weddings etc. It can be a small or numerous troupe, drummers and dancers together or drummers only. Make your party explode with rhythm and joy, it’s engaging, it’s beautiful, it’s authentic, it’s loved by people of all ages. Available in UAE, Abu Dhabi , based in Dubai, and ready for tours. Place your inquiry or book now: info@bella-entertainment.com, WhatsApp: +971505417318.

African Drummers Dubai

There is no doubt that the African drummers in Dubai have unique rhythm. They are as genuine as they come and perform an interactive African Drum & Dance performance from Ghana, West Africa. They uphold and support genuine drumming and dancing customs from various regions of Africa as one of their key beliefs. They sing and converse in authentic African dialects while performing in traditional attire.

They not only have a captivating Drumming and Dance act, but they also have additional shows that involve audience participation. The Interactive Drum Circle, one of their most engaging performances, allows audience members to perform on drums and interact musically with one another.

Several performance packages are available from the African Drummers in Dubai, including:

African Drumming Performance: A singing and drumming presentation including just African music, with a minimum of three performers.

African Drumming and Dance Performance: Only African music, singing, drumming, and dancing.

African Drum Circle with Interactivity: Enjoyable Group Drumming. No prior drumming experience is necessary, and the communal drum circle can be held anywhere. All participants are given drums, and the group size is flexible.

Bookings for these African drummers in Dubai are accepted from UAE, Africa, Asia, Europe, and other international areas.t. Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971505417318.