Hire Kids Birthday Party Entertainment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Hire Kids Birthday Party Entertainment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Kids Birthday Party Entertainment

Kids Entertainment

Turn Every Birthday into a Fairytale with Bella Entertainment

At Bella Entertainment, we don’t just organize kids birthday parties, we craft magical memories that shimmer even brighter than birthday candles. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, we’re your one-stop shop for transforming any little kids birthday celebration into a bash beyond their wildest dreams, whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Forget generic balloons and store-bought cake. With Bella, imaginations take flight! We weave enchanting experiences tailored to your child’s passions, age, and personality. No party is too big or too small, too themed or too wild – we embrace it all with our boundless creativity and a sprinkle of birthday-party pixie dust.


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Dazzling Diversions for Every Dream:

Themed Extravaganzas: Dive into pirate coves with swashbuckling adventures, soar through enchanted forests with fairy tale friends, or blast off into a space odyssey with cosmic crafts and astronaut antics. We bring your child’s favorite fantasy to life, complete with costumes, decorations, and activities that make them the star of the kids party show.

Live Entertainment Galore: Let the laughter cascade with our troop of talented performers. From magicians whose tricks defy gravity to face painters who transform little faces into vibrant masterpieces, we’ve got artists who’ll leave everyone spellbound. Balloon benders twist smiles into the air, puppets dance to gleeful squeals, and our energetic party hosts guide the revelry with games, music, and infectious silliness.

Creative Crafternoons: Unleash the inner Picasso with our engaging craft workshops. Whether it’s decorating cupcakes with edible sparkles, building magnificent cardboard castles, or designing dazzling superhero masks, we provide all the materials and guidance needed to unleash creativity and spark imaginative play.

Inflatable Wonderland: Bounce into boundless fun with our vibrant bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses. We set up a vibrant play zone packed with slides, tunnels, and challenges, perfect for little explorers to burn off energy and unleash their inner thrill-seekers.

Magical Moments That Matter: No detail is too small when it comes to making memories. We offer face painting that transforms kids into their favorite characters, glitter tattoos that shimmer under birthday lights, and even candy buffets so sweet they’ll leave little tongues tingling with delight.


We believe every child deserves a birthday that feels like a personal masterpiece. That’s why we personalize every package, working closely with parents to understand their vision and bring it to life. We also prioritize safety and hygiene, ensuring every giggle and grin happens within a worry-free environment.

So, let us sprinkle your child’s birthday with a dash of Bella magic. Contact us today, and let’s make their next celebration a kaleidoscope of unforgettable moments. From themed transformations to creative adventures, we’ll ensure it’s a kids party etched forever in their happy hearts.


With Bella Entertainment, Dubai’s kids birthday party scene shines brighter than ever. Let’s make every celebration a sparkling gem in a child’s crown of memories.