Hire Magician Dubai

Hire Magician Dubai

Magician Show for Kids & Adults

Hire our professional magicians for kids and adults, we have award winner magicians & illusionists in dubai and abu dhabi for events, children entertainment, corporate parties and weddings to entertain your guests with tricks, close up shows to add magic in your event or party. Our magician can do close up and stage shows for your party or event! Book us today! What services do magicians provide at a birthday party? A birthday party magician is a great way to keep guests entertained at an event, especially if it's a child's birthday party. Finding an appropriate magician will assist you in making your birthday party a success. The magician will captivate the audience with a positive message that promotes wonder, imagination, and self-esteem. Bella Entertainment magicians will assist in the hiring of a magician for birthday parties in Dubai.

Prices starting from 1500aed

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Closed up magic

Helios and Eve

Close-up Magic: This type of magic is performed right in front of the guests, usually at their table or in small groups. Close-up magicians can perform card tricks, coin tricks, mentalism, and sleight of hand.

Stage Magic: This type of magic is performed on a stage and can be customized to fit the theme of your event. Stage magicians can perform illusions, levitation, mind-reading, and other large-scale tricks.

Parlor Magic: This type of magic is a mix of close-up and stage magic, and is performed in a more intimate setting, such as a parlor room. Magicians can perform illusions, mentalism, and other interactive tricks.

Walkaround Magic: This type of magic is performed while roaming around the event, interacting with guests, and performing magic tricks on the spot. This is perfect for cocktail receptions, trade shows, and other types of events where guests are mingling.

Mind Reading: This type of magic can include trickery, illusion or even real mind reading. Magicians can read minds, predict future events and even influence behavior.

Escapology: This type of magic involves escaping from various types of constraints and confinement, such as chains, straitjackets, and locked boxes.

Children’s Magic: This type of magic is tailored for young audiences and can include interactive tricks, illusions, and comedy.

Illusion shows: This type of magic includes big illusions such as levitation, sawing a person in half, disappearing acts, and other spectacular tricks. These types of shows are perfect for larger venues and can be customized to include branding and logos, making it an effective way to promote your company or brand. Illusion shows can also be paired with dancers, acrobats, and other performers to create a truly unforgettable experience for your guests. Illusion shows are a great addition to corporate events, gala dinners, and other high-profile events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.