Belly Dancers Dubai

Belly Dancers Dubai

Belly Dancers


Hire Belly Dancer for Shows and Private Events

Bella Entertainment offers experienced belly dancers for hire who are available to provide elegant and distinctive entertainment for your parties. Professional dancers with years of expertise make up our Arabic belly dance crew. Together with our in-house choreographers, our belly dancers create musical routines appropriate for your occasion and theme. We can design a special show customized for any occasion, wedding, or business dinner. Book our belly dancers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for any celebration, wedding, or other events in the Middle East or the United Arab Emirates. Our dancers have performed at the top hotels and venues in the UAE and are alums of famous dance academies worldwide. Along with the dancers, we can arrange a sound system, musicians, or DJs to play music. Get in touch with us immediately for a free price on hiring our belly dancers Dubai for your upcoming wedding, party, or event!

Bella Entertainment Agency offers services as a platform for identifying and booking artists for any event throughout the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to London and Singapore. Marriage, corporate events, group activities, celebrations, and other special occasions are just a few of the events we cater to.  Our business provides personalized entertainment, event styling, and audio-visual solutions. We take great pride in providing the best service for every event we cater.


Professionals Of Arabic Belly Dance Dubai

Belly dancing is a well-liked and reasonably priced entertainment for visitors, clients, coworkers, and attendees at your event show or private gatherings. The belly dancers will dazzle your visitors with their hip-moving dances and elaborate costumes that include harem trousers, finger cymbals, gypsy skirts, swords, candles, shells, hip scarves, belly chains, and other props. Here is all the information you need to hire belly dancers or book Arabic belly dance for a show, including what events they can enhance, how long they perform, how much it will cost, and other details. If you need to hire local entertainment or are looking to hire a private belly dancer in Dubai, Bella Entertainment Booking Agency can help.


What Events Make Use Of Belly Dancers? 

Hire a belly dancer to amuse your wedding guests and friends. The guests at the drink reception are wowed by inventive entertainment at modern weddings. Parties at restaurants and private occasions are also popular for belly dancers in Dubai. Your guests will undoubtedly be charmed and amused by their performance.

Wedding Reception

Hosting a belly dance performance or an Arabic belly dance show is one of the most popular trends in the wedding industry because people adore how exciting, all about dance, and fun it is. Grabbing everyone’s interest and getting them to groove and dance, it makes your wedding a hit! Belly dancers Dubai are the perfect retreat for private times, such as when taking pictures or doing other things.


Corporate Occasion

A belly dancer is a fantastic way to start an event. With a smashing number, you can get everybody’s spirits high, ease them in and create a fun and engaging atmosphere. This is effective for business events, product launches, advertising events, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Belly Dancer?

Bella Entertainment Company Dubai offers belly dancers and event entertainment. To receive a quote, fill out the inquiry form with your details and the specifications you have.


How Long Does A Belly Dancing Show Last?

The firm can create an Arabic belly dance show or performance based on the occasion’s needs. However, a typical set lasts between ten and fifteen minutes and is done twice with breaks. The extra sets are performed if needed or per the performance’s overall setting and theme. With Bella Entertainment Dubai, you can go through the specifics and requirements and have an ideal prolonged performance.

What Space Would Be Required For A Belly Dancer At Your Event?

Belly dancers can fit their exceptional and expert performances into a limited area if required. Although belly dancers can perform everywhere, including in small spaces and large event venues, giving the venue information far in advance will enable them to arrange and organize the performance for the greatest possible presentation. This allows the dancers to guarantee that the audience will find their performances fascinating and captivating.


What Supplies And Provisions Are Essential For Belly Dancers?

Despite being primarily a solitary presentation, belly dance needs a staging room to set up for shows. Kindly contact your venue to ensure your belly dancer has ample space to prepare. It’s possible that music is necessary for contemporary belly dancers to entertain their audience. They often perform alone, after all. Our belly dancer will play her music using a CD player or MP3 connected to your sound system.