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Belly Dancers

Belly Dancers



Hire our belly dancers for your event in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Bella Entertainment has his a team of professional belly dancers to hire ready to entertain your events with a unique style and elegance. Our team is composed of professional dancers with many years of experience. They can perform any kind of dance on request, we have our own dancing choreographers that are able to perform and train our dancers in any kind of music event. We can perform commercials, snake dancer, belly dancing, floating chandelier show, tanoura dance, flash mobs, dances with costumes, capoeira dance, flamenco and many more dances. We can customize and make a special show depending on the theme of your event or wedding or corporate dinner in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all United Arab Emirates. Book today our Dubai and Abu Dhabi belly dancers for your party, wedding or event in the UAE or in the Middle East. Our dancers are all graduate from prestigious dancing schools internationally and they have performed in the largest hotels and venues in the UAE. We can customize the show and the customes based on your event theme, also we can provide the sound system and musicians or DJs to play during the show with the dancers. Contact us today for a custom quote to hire our belly dancers for your next wedding, party or event!

One platform for locating and reserving entertainers for every kind of event is Bella Entertainment Agency, which serves the UAE and the Middle East. The purpose is to assist you in finding entertainers and entertainment for your occasion, including weddings, corporate events, team-building events, private parties, special occasions, and much more. View images, watch videos, and immediately reserve performers by browsing entertainers by category. Our company can manage events of all sizes and offer a variety of additional services, such as custom-made entertainment options, styling for events, sound, light, and audio visual solutions, and much more. For every occasion we cater, we take great delight in offering the best service.




Continue reading our fast guide to hiring a belly dancer, including how much it costs to hire one, exactly what they will do at your event, as well as suggestions, advice, and details to help make it a memorable one.

As they belly-dance their way around your site, a belly dancer may entertaine and captivate your visitors with their natural charisma and charm.

How will a belly dancer perform at your occasion specifically? A well-liked and reasonably priced kind of entertainment for your visitors, customers, and coworkers is belly dancing. Your belly dancer will use their hips, veils, shells, hip scarves, belly chains, harem trousers, finger cymbals, and gypsy skirts, swords and candles to captivate and thrill your guests, giving them all a genuinely special, enjoyable, and entertaining experience

What kinds of events hire belly dancers?

Hire a Belly Dancer to Perform at Your Wedding to entertain your guests and friends.

In order to impress the guests at the wedding drinks reception, modern weddings have turned to original entertainment.

What better way to keep your family and friends entertained while your wedding photographer is snapping pictures of the bride and groom than by hiring a bellydancer? Up to the start of your wedding breakfast, they can do a full show and even show your guests a few moves. 

Evening reception entertainment for weddings

A bellydancer might be a wonderful surprise for your guests during your wedding evening celebration. Your loved ones will be amazed by this lovely style of dance and may even want to give it a try. Even better, hire two or three bellydancers to perform a whole show and make the occasion genuinely special.

For entertainment at a corporate event, hire a belly dancer.

Looking for entertainment for a business event like a product launch or trade show? A belly dancer is a fantastic icebreaker. She is able to move from table to table, dancing to the music and entrancing each person individually.

A Belly Dancer for Party Entertainment can be hired.

Have you ever considered hiring a neighborhood bellydancer for a private event or birthday celebration? It's a special approach to encourage your visitors to dance and get in the party mood. Bring some international flair to your gathering to make it more fun. Even better, if you are throwing a themed party with an Indian theme, a belly dancer would be a fantastic choice! Stage nights and hen parties A bellydancer is the ideal stag or hen night entertainment! Hens like learning everything there is to know about the art of bellydance and can even dress up and try it out. Stags, feel free to give it a try as well. If not, everyone will like seeing a belly dancer because they are classy, engaging, and entertaining.

How much does it cost to hire belly dancers?

The greatest bellydancers who are nearby (or travel to your region) may be found using our user-friendly entertainment directory. You can then use our contact form to get in touch with them to request a free quote to perform at your event. For your convenience, some performers will also include an estimated price range on their page.

What are the typical set lengths and durations for belly dancers' performances?

This actually depends on the circumstance. Typically, bellydancers will do a two sets of 15 minutes show during an hour timeframe, of course we can do more sets as well. But when you reserve a bellydancer through our agency kindly go over your needs and we will find a solution.

At your event, how much space would a belly dancer require?

If necessary, a bellydancer can perform their distinctive and specialized routines in a relatively small space. Alternately, if your venue has a huge stage or space, be sure to mention this when hiring your belly dancer so they are aware of the need to modify their act.

What supplies and arrangements are necessary for belly dancers?

Although a belly dancer is a fairly self-contained act, they almost certainly need a backstage room to prepare for the performance. We kindly ask that you get in touch with your venue ahead of time to make sure there is an appropriate space for your belly dancer to prepare. A contemporary belly dancer might also need music playing while they dazzle their audience. It is rare that a bellydancer will not supply a PA for their music because they often perform as a solo artist, so we advise contacting the venue in advance to find out if a PA is already set up then our belly dancer will bring her own music in a MP3 player or CD and connect to your sound system.